Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pecha Kucha January 2015 (vol. 121)

I finally made it to a Pecha Kucha at Super Deluxe.
So glad I went early - by the time it started it was packed, and by the end there were 450 people or so in attendance.

Vol 121 Pecha Kucha Super Deluxe, Tokyo
Photos by Michael Holmes

The presentations were inspiring - some more than others, but on the whole a positive evening. The Vol 121 event page is here.
The ones that stuck out for me were:

Magnus Celestii : Joseph Walsh Studio

Express Yourself: Sato Sugamoto
Is this a Planetarium: Masashige Iida

The two presentations I thought would be interesting but maybe didn't have the depth or scope I was hoping for were:

Fab Cafe: Kristin Smith

Un-Learning Creativity: Steve Baker & Project Esin

Here are the other photos from the event photographer.

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