Monday, March 16, 2015

Even better - Fab Cafe Meetup the next day!

Daiki invited us to attend the Meetup at the Fab Cafe the next evening (2/24), so I opted to go and see what people were going to share. Such a fun couple of hours!

First, Daiki introduced me to Toshi, the "boss" at the cafe, who later introduced me to the two Autodesk Japan reps who were there. One of them does the workshops for their apps, and would be a great option to visit school at some point.

The presentations ran the gamut from wearable art of a more conceptual bent, to beautiful jewelry, to installations, to useful objects, to . . . well, lots of things!

There was a group of recent art school grads with a project called "Dialog" which included "secret sentence" jewelry, "conversation" necklaces of circles of acrylic with magnets, a dialog about the weather, and a touch concept that was wearable in two parts (over and under clothing) with magnets, and ripple jewelry (this all makes more sense with photos of the objects . . . )

Saori Kanihiro presented her writing earrings, beautiful thin brushstrokes of language turned into jewelry. presented about 3D printing and the printer kit he has available.

The MESH project, Make, Express, Share, from Sony, presented their sensors that have sort of scratch-like interfaces  - connective DIY kind of things that let you do all sorts of things pretty easily.

Last in the evening was the XSense presentation, which includes 3D CG, Projection Mapping, and 3D printing - the concept of boundary dissolution, boundaries between old / new, traditional arts / contemporary culture, etc.

 Here's the link to the page of presenters for the evening. Otherwise, here are some of the quick shots I took of presenters and things they shared.

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