Friday, August 7, 2015

Fab11 Afternoon Workshops Mon, Tues, Wed


While lunch yielded numerous conversations and connections, the afternoons were devoted to workshops.

Monday I attended the Fab Ed workshop which focused on the needs of the group, communicating via hangouts and monthly conferencing, options for future topics, and general collaboration.   The second half of the workshop focused on the website as a portal for potential lessons, lesson plans, examples of work done in classrooms, etc. The site itself was opened that day, and while uploads are possible at this time, we were providing suggestions for frameworks that might be useful, functionality we wanted to see, ways to search the database, etc.

Fab Ed  : In conjunction with TIES : Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM

Fab Ed Resources : work in progress for teachers to upload lessons, ideas, etc.

Tuesday I went to a session on documentation and sharing of projects. Hiroya Tanaka from Fab Lab Kamakura presented on a new platform for sharing projects, Fabble, which has a beautiful UI. Here's one example of a short project to make Google Cardboard.

One of the 2015 graduates of Fab Academy shared her portfolio process as an exemplar of creating informative, useful documentation for others to follow. This is Christina Aguilar's Fab Academy portfolio.

There was a second platform that is open source and able to be accessed when off line, with the goal to provide documentation for those in areas of the world with less reliable internet access. The concept was close to Github , with the ability to fork the projects and show the changes over time by various Fab Labs.

The late afternoon activities were cancelled when a weather cell passed over Cambridge with lightning, heavy rain, and hail - which posed a real threat to the tent in the quad, so everyone evacuated for the remainder of the evening.

Wednesday I went to a workshop / presentation by two guys from Autodesk. We looked at 123D Catch, a photogrammetry app for your phone for easy 3D capture (ie: scan), Tinkercad, and also Fusion 360

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